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“The most popular contemporary Belgium waffle variety”

Alternative called Gaufre de Liege

It named after and was created at the city of Liege in the Wallonia region of Belgium in 18th century. Unlike your ordinary batter based waffle which tend to be crispy outside and airy inside. Liege waffles are richer in flavour and chewier in texture. Liege waffles traditionally is an adaptation of brioche bread dough, featuring chunks of pearl sugar (soul ingredient) which caramelise on the outside of the waffle when baked.

After years passed, Liege waffle became popular in other countries but is rarely to found the traditional taste. Many now using baking powder to replace the long hours yeast fermentation process and more importantly is the missing of the soul ingredient “Pearl Sugar”.

In Waffle 5, the team committed to make “The Most Delicious Belgium Liege Waffle” with the traditional recipe and ingredients.