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About Waffle 5: Your Destination for Authentic Belgian Liege Waffles in Malaysia, KL

Welcome to Waffle 5, where we specialize in crafting authentic Belgian Liege Waffles. Established originally as 'Café 5' near Pudu in 2017 and rebranded in 2021, we are dedicated to bringing the taste of Belgium to Malaysia, KL. Our waffles are meticulously made using premium ingredients sourced from Belgium and Australia, ensuring each bite is a delightful experience of quality and tradition.

At Waffle 5, we offer a variety of services including online ordering, delivery, and pick-up options. Our frozen Belgian waffles are perfect for both home enjoyment and customization in cafes. Additionally, we cater to F&B businesses with our food catering and event services, expanding our reach and impact in the culinary scene.

Join us to explore the best waffles near you, whether for breakfast, dessert, or any occasion. Discover why Waffle 5 is synonymous with excellence in waffle craftsmanship in Malaysia.

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“The most popular contemporary Belgium waffle variety”

Alternative called Gaufre de Liege

It named after and was created at the city of Liege in the Wallonia region of Belgium in 18th century. Unlike your ordinary batter based waffle which tend to be crispy outside and airy inside. Liege waffles are richer in flavour and chewier in texture. Liege waffles traditionally is an adaptation of brioche bread dough, featuring chunks of pearl sugar (soul ingredient) which caramelise on the outside of the waffle when baked.